Tuesday, May 23, 2006

the big bears of the markets

Is there a bear cartel in the stock markets?
people say the main cause of the fall panic selling on account of margin calls made to overstretched speculators n brokers and the lack of speed in the banking system to cope with the payment where in it takes 3 days or more to clear cheques which certainly forces the brokers squareup positions.

for the historical perspective
try for more insight
1. the harshad mehta crash
2. the ketan parakh crash
3. the yethuary crash
the current crash
4. the Palaniappan Chidambaram crash may 2006

i think not really , there may not be a concerted effort to cartelise and crash markets but certainly there r individual bears around.

1. Our great commi SITATAM YETCHUARY should be investigated if he heads a new commi bear cartel which is shorting the market to take revenge for the losses they suffered in the UTI US64 failure... (hahaha)

2. Foreign Hedge funds- as the markets rose so steeply and fell so fast that they defeated the TGV(train a grand vitesse) i suspect foreign hedge funds and HOT western and european money big time is driving the current downturn ...

3. Our govt which is headed by mrs sonia gandi which has no control over their upa members or on the fiscal deficit or on wasteful subsidys some of which r financed by navratnas like the ongc gail hp bp ibp etc which ahs left them weak and almost bankrupt. and want to increase the taxes levied on the middle class by issuing cbdt circulars one after another. anyways their coffers may be half empty after the regional elections n could have receivd a few bags from a bear cartel.. harshad mehta style to make all the wrong noises.

4.the finance ministers stupid comments and the sheer silence from the prime minister make me more suspicious. PC says one must hold the stocks/mfs and must invest in mfs or stay invested-- hey they r also marked to market and one can suffer losses !!!!
his daily ranting has not helped either. The sebi i think has handled things well to avert a major payment crices though this fall has rattled the system.

well lets see today is a new day ! so i hope for the best .

VERY IMP - things r going to really be a bit clearer on thursday when there is a FNO settlement SO expect things to be violatile till then !!!!


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